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Awsome fun

Nothing more to add...

Brilliant game :-)

One of the best apps Ive ever played on mobile device. Simply brilliant!

Tanks Hero


Cool game!

The best game to kill a few hours!



New worlds

This is a very good game one of the best that i ever seen, but five star means also more world..please add new world !! Two are not enough!:)

Simple but funny

Simple, but very funny..


In multiplayer wifi diventerebbe divertentissimo

Bello bello

Mi piace na freca!!!!! Non ti annoi ed è figoooo!! Peccato non i sia il multiplayer

not enough levels

great game but not enough levels. beat the game in one week.


Multiplayer, some menu/ui changes (for example, quitting not back to the main menu but to the level selection menu during a game), also a way of faster respawn, bc that annoys me so much when Im trying to beat the same level over and over

Favorite game, wish there was more

This is one of my favorite iPhone games. Elegantly simple visuals, seamless control and gameplay. I wish there was a Tank Hero 2 with more levels or a multiplayer with the same theme.

No progression

Bad game, no upgrades, just the same thing over and over again. Not worth the money


Good game but the ADS there not bad in fact there are only one or two but CLICKBAIT, seriously Clapfoot get it together if u dont know theres an ad that says tank hero: the laser wars is now free but its still 99cents I CLICKED IT please FIX I WANT LASER WARS

Gets boring

Fun at first then very boring

More worlds

There are only 3 worlds put a new update where there are more worlds that are challenging there to easy sure there are 40 levels in each world

Im pretty sure they illegally copied every level from the Wii version of this game



Wow. This game is great! Beautifully made! Worth the 1 dollar, thats for sure. If you dont know the basis of this game, here it is; You are a tank with one task, to kill the enemy tanks. Simple right? Not at all! The amount of tanks add up, and their abilities strengthen. The controls are just outstanding! This game calls for hours upon hours of fun. One thing that is missing is MULTIPLAYER. This game mode would be spectacular! Tank Hero does not need wifi. Its hard to find a compact game that doesnt chew up your data. In all, this game is a must have! Thanks for reading, have a great day!


Did anyone play that one tank game on the wii?? Did you love it?? This game is just like that! It is so much fun and I love it! The one thing that would make it better is multiplayer. If they add ranks in multiplayer and you could level up your tank that would be awesome! This is one of the best games Ive ever played in my life! I LOVE IT!!

Boring game

Im surprised why this game has been taken 5 stars, as I think its not that fun and boring. :(

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